Photos of the week, part 4.2: Komorebi in Nametoko.

I had two days of summer holiday this past week (hence photo of the week part 2) and drove to a neighboring prefecture, Ehime, where I visited Nametoko gorge. Nametoko is easily one of the most beautiful hiking places I’ve visited and it’s THE spot in Japan for canyoning. But what I was most astounded by was the green, glowing light that filtered through the leaves of trees along the hike. The Japanese have a word for this leaf-light, komorebi, and I think it’s wonderful. I can’t wait to go back in the fall. Enjoy. 

Continue onto part 2 below.

(p.s. there were also monkeys in this park, but the magic of Nametoko short-circuited my memory card and I lost those pictures…)

08/29/13 at 5:23am
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